Studio Mackay – Residential Interior Design

Helmed by Selena Mackay and daughter Larissa Pineda, Studio Mackay is an award-winning, full service interior design firm committed to enhancing the human experience by bringing to life the untold story in each project. We are a passionate family-owned collaborative team of interior designers devoted to transforming spaces with a commitment to quality and respect for architectural details.

The interior design process begins with casual conversation about what you value most: Family, travel, art, music, entertaining, leisure activities. We draw inspiration from your experiences to craft a design study that works in synergy with your lifestyle and values. After all, we believe that a space is a reflection of you — it’s your story.

By understanding your motivations, we’re able to glean nuances to fully develop a design concept that’s uniquely personalized. We draw upon years of innovative interior design experience as well as our deep knowledge of architectural history to create a proposal that brings your vision to life. Whether you’re imagining exquisite modern entertaining lofts or dramatic family residences, Studio Mackay has the artistic prowess, attention to detail and technical expertise to execute a wide range of projects.

In partnership with each client, Studio Mackay refines each creative proposal prior to execution though formal presentations that muse on hues, design schemes, fabrics, custom furnishings, art and decorative elements. With the help of photography, hand-drawn sketches and material samples, clients are able to visualize the completed project and receive a general timeline of execution.

Studio Mackay takes pride in only sourcing materials of the finest quality that are built to last and deliver on their aesthetic promise. A beautiful room isn’t just for visual enjoyment — it is created in consideration of its purpose. We partner with reputable vendors that offer heirloom-quality furnishings and share our philosophy that design elements are meant to last through many generations.

Customer Satisfaction
We judge the success of a project not in how it looks but how it makes a difference in our clients’ lives. A satisfied client means someone who could never have imagined something so beautiful, so collected, so complementary to his or her lifestyle. We love when our clients say “I love my house!” Our work is earned through the referrals of satisfied residential and commercial clients.

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If you are ready to transform your space meaningfully, allow us to be your guide in this adventure. We’re thrilled for the opportunity to learn more about how we can help unleash the hidden potential in your residence. We’re a phone call or an email away.