Selena Mackay

Beauty, innovation, attention to detail and perfection drives the aesthetic prowess of Studio Mackay principal Selena Mackay. The interior designer strives to imagine and execute spaces that engender beautiful living. With degrees from the Art Institute of Chicago and Houston Community College, Selena Mackay understands that symmetry, color and space planning is in service of the natural inclinations of her clients and the architectural provenance of each project — however large or small.

Growing up as the daughter of a respected couturier and fashion designer in Honduras, Selena Mackay’s passion for working with people in close quarters transferred perfectly into interior design. Her creative approach begins with discovering common ground between lifestyle and design, resulting in original spaces that are not only a flawless representation of each client, but also a space that truly works in real-life applications.

Selena Mackay is proficient at decluttering and opening up spaces while maximizing natural light. From single-room redos to completely reimagined residences to new construction, Selena Mackay’s portfolio includes single-family homes, condominiums, lofts, townhouses, restaurants, corporate headquarters and offices where originality and style are paramount.

Since establishing her practice in 1998, Selena Mackay’s goal has been to present a place where clients feel swept away from daily life, a space that truly enhances their existence so they can live with positivity and happiness — no matter what life might bring.

At the hands of Selena Mackay, every space becomes elevated.