Larissa Pineda

Studio Mackay associate designer Larissa Pineda, daughter of firm principal Selena Mackay, was exposed to the best of international art and design from an early age, developing a love for aesthetics that transcends the physicality of the interior design industry.

Larissa Pineda supports the agency’s projects by serving as a vital liaison who thrives in understanding and appreciating the proclivities of each client. Inspired by her mother’s adventurous foray into design and a personal understanding of form and function, Larissa Pineda adds another critical voice in a collaborative, dynamic team that believes that consultative ventures must begin with establishing trust.

Larissa Pineda’s expertise with fabrics, textures and patterns is informed by an interior design degree from the Art Institute of Houston and seven years experience. She also earned a bachelor’s degree in government and psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, a course of study that enables her to bond with different personalities. Larissa Pineda has a penchant for decorating walls with color and art to incorporate energy and excitement into a room. She stays on top of design trends to offer innovative, state-of-the-art solutions that are both current and timeless.

When Larissa Pineda is not poring over design catalogues and fabric samples, she can be spotted in the city’s best French restaurants indulging in traditional cuisine and the occasional glass of bold red wine. She’s an avid reader who loves humor, alongside running and fitness activities.