Press: A sophisticated sanctuary by Studio Mackay is featured on Houston Lifestyles & Homes

August 3rd, 2016 by Selena Mackay

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In an article titled “Couple Transforms An Empty Nest Into A Sophisticated Sanctuary” by writer Cheryl Alexander, Houston Lifestyles and Homes a fabulous renovation executed by Studio Mackay. It was up to us to transform a 5,300-square-foot manse built in 1995 for a growing family into a sophisticated, chic and comfortable empty-nester residence suitable for a couple that’s accomplished a lot in their lives.

The space wasn’t used efficiently. The couple’s lifestyle had changed.

The design was inspired by a recent trip Turkey. A stunning antique textile piece served to inform the color and texture palette, which played with gray-lavender and forest green hues to forge a chic, yet elegant milieu.

Top of the line appliances, custom cabinetry, rich velvet textures and open spaces — all $2,000 under budget.

That article explains:

The couple describes their new home as a sanctuary. It contains the history of where they’ve raised their family and memories of special moments in their lives, including celebrations and holidays with their late parents. Inside these walls their family has enjoyed and experienced life, and the renovation gives them just the right space for the way they live right now.

“We found a team at Studio Mackay where they not only shared our vision for our home, but offered a group of professionals who has worked together for years,” the husband says.

Collaborators include photography by Michael Hunter and architecture by Robert Dame, Robert Dame Designs.

Read the complete article here.

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