In a dark and moody state of mind? You will love this off the wall idea

March 17th, 2016 by Selena Mackay

Farnham House dining room, moody walls, interior design, Studio Mackay

In a dark and moody state of mind?

There’s one time when it’s totally acceptable to go there. And no, it doesn’t involve reciting Édith Piaf lyrics with a French accent while binging on expensive bonbons or banging your head while listening to heavy metal. When it comes to giving walls personality, dark and moody is the new orange.

We’re loving dark, velvety rich, delicious colors on walls when they feel like a warm embrace from an irresistibly tactile soft fabric. Sounds a bit like a flourless chocolate torte, right?

After a period of white and white on white, it was time for us to experiment with other aesthetics. As it happens in fashion, one movement tends to inspire another, sometimes in strong contrast. It’s part of the creative research process that keeps us searching for excitement and innovation. It’s how we stay fresh. And it’s why every home looks different and special.

Who wants to do the same thing over and over again? Formulaic design may work for some, but surely not for us.

Just like jewelry tends to sparkle even brighter when resting on a velvet display, furnishings and décor items also jump off the wall when set in a milieu that features an expressive backdrop. Everything pops and becomes more interesting.

In this dining room, we started by finding a very glitzy contemporary chandelier. After trying a couple of subtle colors on the wall, we decided to go bold. We created continuity from other parts of the home by using similar and complementary fabrics. We matched the iridescence in some of the finishes with a navy-esque Venetian plaster. The nude fabric on the chairs helped bring in a human element that warmed the otherwise modern style.

The end result? A stunning entertainment space that has something to say while making guests feel at home.

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