Rocker chic leather that’s so rare it’s precious

February 11th, 2016 by admin

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In an interview with Elle Décor, designer Holly Hunt once said that “everything you do and see doubles as inspiration, though you may not realize it at the time. A piece of jewelry can become a table, an abstract painting a pattern for a rug.”

We’re only limited by our imagination, sense of adventure and our fears.

Which is why there’s something very exciting about falling in love with raw material in any form. During a recent visit to the Holly Hunt show room in the Decorative Center Houston on Woodway, I came across a leather sample that has my gray matter (color pun intended) occupied with its many possible applications.

This textural python leather could be the piece that, in the fashion industry, we refer to as the third element — the only contrasting accessory that isn’t related to anything else but makes the grouping sing. This leather, replicated with precision, lives somewhere in the no-man’s-land between gray and brown. You can say it’s everyman and everywoman.

If Mick Jagger saw this leather, he would want a coat made out of it. It’s that “rocker chic” kind of style that’s so rare it becomes precious.

What I love most about Holly Hunt are the cleanliness of the lines and the highly edited collection. You don’t get confused with over abundance. Everything is good and top shelf. I use the leathers, the papers and the fabrics consistently in many projects.

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