A classical design rebel: Meet one of the finest talents in architecture and interior design

February 11th, 2016 by admin

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From time to time, I will share something that has earned its rightful place on my desk — important item that piques my curiosity and tickles my creativity. Because any field that requires constant innovation also requires perpetual inspiration.

Item: Jean-Louis Deniot: Interiors by author Diane Dorrans Saeks

Why it matters: Jean-Louis Deniot, a designer on the Elle Decor and AD 100 lists of the world’s finest talents in architecture and interiors, excels at creating balance, working toward the fine point where minimalism and excess achieve equilibrium.

What’s being said about it: “Jean-Louis Deniot has become synonymous for his urbane and artful approach to design . . . His interiors, always striking in tone and contrast, are a marvel of custom work — the viewer is made to believe that each element in the room can only exist in conjunction with the rest. Deniot is nearly cinematic in his execution . . . ” — Vogue

Why I love it: To me, Jean-Louis Deniot’s updated classical approach is stunning. The mix of traditional architecture with contemporary elements creates an eclectic feel that’s clean and approachable. All the colors are calm. The furniture is contemporary, clean and poised. From this formality arises a kind of stature that’s comforting and familiar — not stoic and unyielding.

“I love the purity of modernism, but I appreciated also the two previous millennia of architecture,” Jean-Louis Deniot says. “It was so ironic that as a classicist, I felt like a rebel.”

Jean-Louis Deniot

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